You ever find yourself tired and busy all time, even in moments where you could be taking it easy but you decide not to because you don't like idle time? If you answered yes, Houston, we have a problem. 

Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What are some things you like to do to relax? ‪#‎thezone‬ Charles Smith Listen to music…meditation..just started that…. Helen Washington Drink a glass of champagne, quality time with my son (not at the same time, of course), yoga!! Ashely Mathes Listen to music read a good book with a nice glass of wine […]

Via  A new drink that is supposed to relax the consumer is actually making them sick. But, the issue isn’t just that. The drink is now in the hands of middle school students. Parents are outraged that children have access to this drink. Read More.  Are Women Better Cheaters?? Guys: Clues That She is […]

Recently, I did a book review of Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons’ book Super Rich where he explains how Meditation provides him with profound mental moments of stillness as a byproduct of the physical benefits of Yoga.  It has cured him of headaches and has calmed his nerves. Meditation is a mental discipline by which […]