The story of R. Kelly's underhanded movements to get free just continues to get longer and longer. One of his friends is now in trouble for attempting to make a potential witness and testifier an offer they couldn't refuse.

Given R. Kelly's documented past there's a good chance she has a solid case on her hands. Just sayin.'

Robert Kelly will finally have the chance to legally clear his name. A judge has scheduled his trial for early 2021. As spotted on Page Six the disgraced singer’s battle for freedom is set for April. On Thursday, November 19 a judge scheduled his sex trafficking and racketeering case to commence next year. According to the […]

The 22-year-old shared that she recently lost a child to miscarriage.

R. Kelly is a special case, but not in a good way. The fellow inmate who allegedly attacked the R&B singer for causing too many lockdown in their facility has been moved.

R. Kelly just took another L. The disgraced singer appeal for his release on bail pending his sex-trafficking case in Brooklyn has been denied.

The disgraced R&B singer was allegedly the recipient of a fade inside of a Chicago jail facility.

Perhaps the only person working harder to cheat than Donald Trump is R. Kelly. An alleged manager of the disgraced R&B singer and accused sexual predator has been charged with calling in a threat during a documentary screening.

The R&B singer and actor placed the troubled singer in his personal top five and wants folks to stop coming down on him.

R. Kelly is still trying to work his way out of a possible prison sentence anyway he can. He says the court’s game of hide and go seek isn’t giving him a proper shot to build his defense. As exclusively reported by Bossip the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer is calling foul in his […]