Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted out and about with their little princess, Blue Ivy, having a family day at the zoo together. We all love to gush over images and videos of the Carter family spending time together. They’re almost the perfect fairytale family, aside from the Lemonade and the cheating rumors, of course. Sign Up […]

Babyyyyyyyyyyyy….Grab a seat because the recipient of the BBAGIT award today is not famous, but I know he feel a ways about this.  So a man in London was having marital problems and was looking for a way to soothe his pain.  This guy decided to get a hotel room to clear his mind.  In […]

  Warren Sapp. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images   Warren Sapp is the latest celeb that has lost a job because he may have solicited a prostitute. I want to know from you … Would you pay for the best sex ever? Married or single all men pay for sex,,,in one form or another Nope. Sex is sex […]

Sports analyst Greg Anthony has been suspended indefinitely from CBS Sports and Turner Sports after getting caught up in an undercover sting while attempting to solicit a prostitute. “I made a mistake,” he said. “With this lapse of judgment, I embarrassed many, including myself. I will work to regain the trust that I have lost, […]

This video surfaced of a woman taping Justin Bieber while he was sleeping in Brazil.  Initial reports claimed that the woman was a Brazilian prostitute but TMZ is claiming that this is absolutely not true.  Apparently, Justin rented a house right outside of Rio to stay during his concert stop in Brazil.  After the concert […]

Looks like Hot 97’s Mister Cee started celebrating Cinco De Mayo early.  He was arrested early today for trying to get some na-mean from a undercover male cop in Brooklyn.  This is his second time getting busted on this charge.  Looks like he has an itch that only a mister of the night can scratch. […]

Frankie recently had the opportunity to do her first all star photo shoot for Stevie Boi’s “Stunna Shades” eyeglass line.  Before the shoot Frankie got to meet Atlanta’s top streetwalker, Yellow Meat.  Frankie did not care about Yellow Meat’s profession. She told Yellow Meat that she was still beautiful and that she should never let […]