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Babyyyyyyyyyyyy….Grab a seat because the recipient of the BBAGIT award today is not famous, but I know he feel a ways about this.  So a man in London was having marital problems and was looking for a way to soothe his pain.  This guy decided to get a hotel room to clear his mind.  In the midst of clearing his mind, he decided to order a PROSTITUTE.  Understandable.  But guess who showed up when he answered the door.  HIS DAUGHTER!!! How embarrassing is that.  Not only was he humiliated, his daughter ran off in tears.

Fast Forward to the present day, the daughter has since stopped soliciting herself for sex.  Although the dad has still said his marriage has problems, he and his wife are seeking counseling and hope to mend their family.  Can you imagine your own flesh and blood showing up to the door to sell you some sex!!!! I can’t eem imagine.  So this man gets the award today.  No sense in adding his real name, cuz we don’t eem know him in real life.  LOL  CLICK HERE to read the FULL STORY as being reported by the MIRROR in UK.