We all miss 44 but he made a statement while he was in the White House. I say that because he inspired young and old people to believe in the American Dream. The White House has really changed now, but Former President Barack Obama is still working to make life better for people. He and […]

President Obama said we stand up against bullies in this country and wants people, the press, FBI and other institutions to stand up to President Trump. President Barack Obama wanted to remind everyone that this is the most important election of their life.  www.cnn.com The President’s attacks on these institutions, Obama said, shouldn’t be partisan issues. […]

Former President Obama was the Source of inclusion for Hip Hop, he inspired the nation and many around the world. In this issue, The Source and the Hip Hop community thanks and salutes Mr. Obama for all he has done despite tremendous opposition and prejudice. Barack Hussein Obama showcased culture and invited an unprecedented number […]

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Billionaire businessman Richard Branson challenged President Obama to a water sport challenge while on vacation in the British Islands.

Sally "(Yates) has betrayed the Department of Justice," the White House statement said, writes CNN.

President Barack Obama and Misty Copeland have a few things in common including being from a mixed family. Their struggles are similar but he and Misty sit down to talk about it so you can understand their situations. This was really for us all to get to know them! Source: Obama & Misty Follow Me […]

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Instead of watching the orange one lift his hand to pledge allegiance to the presidency, here's 5 things Black people can do to make January 20th a little less painful.

In his final day in the White House, President Barack Obama commutated sentences for 330 drug prisoners. The outgoing president has now issued 1,715 commutations.

President Barack Obama talked about hope once again during his final press conference Wednesday before leaving the White House amid growing fears about racial polarization and discrimination stemming from the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump,


President Barack Obama made history but he remembers the things that we don’t. We all have moments in our lives that we aren’t proud of but President Obama has moments that he is disappointed about. He made it through the White House without SCANDAL and we can’t say that about President’s before him. Follow Me […]

President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to outgoing Vice President Joe Biden during a surprise ceremony at the White House on Thursday. A teary-eyed Biden praised Obama, who said to know Biden is "to know love without pretense."