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Technology is a great thing, right? But, at what cost. Nowadays, we have smart cars, phones, appliances and even toys. When it comes to Smart Toys that are for your children, a company is warning that they could be spying on your children.

A company called, Trouble In Toyland, is warning that if toys can connect to bluetooth, they could be recording your children and everyone else in your home and collecting data.

“Toys that can connect to Bluetooth present safety concerns at a different level. The Singing Machine, a Bluetooth karaoke microphone, doesn’t require a pin code or other verification to connect to the device

via Bluetooth.90 This means anyone within a 10-meter connection radius could pair their phone to the toy and start playing audio out of the speaker when the device is turned on. PIRG toy researchers were able to connect to the Singing Machine from outside of their home at about 30 feet away. A bad actor could connect to the device and play anything from an explicit song to a voice recording telling a child to come outside.”

In this crazy world, its important that parents understand what toys they are getting for their children and want they can do. It is also important that parents set up profiles with secure passwords.