Now I  smoke… not cigarettes, but the other stuff. I mean at this point I think that everybody should. Crime would be down cause everybody would be high LOL. But would you looka here, which one of you pot dealers done lost your stash? 500 pounds bruh! I don’t ever know what to do with […]

To some of us, the holidays are a special time to be around family and friends. But to some it’s a time of sadness. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so to me I think about my mom and dad not being around anymore. Thank God for my loving wife to help me through these […]

Listen, before you even read this…just know “I CAN’T DO IT“. There’s no why I’m letting my wife; or me for that matter, go outside my marriage to have a baby. Even if I can’t or she can’t produce a baby. That’s what a surrogate is for. But Tami Roman sees things a little different. […]

I’m not sure about you but when we hear about murders in our city, it’s concerning. When you hear about children being killed, that is just heart-breaking. I can remember at one time when it came to street business, women and children were off the table. It seems the last couple of years, no one […]

Iron Man is gone. Thor is hanging with The Guardians. So what’s next with Marvel. The Eternals is out! Shang Chi has added his powers. Disney is not playing with the MCU. We have at least 15 more stories to see on Disney+ and on the big screen. Ms. Marvel, Black Panther 2, Thor “Love […]

Everyone’s favorite holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving baby! And I know we all don’t know how to cook, so I got you! The big homie Gordon Ramsey got a great recipe for your big bird. pull out your pad and get ta jotting down. I can’t wait for you send us a plate to the […]

This September 19th will be lit! It’s the 92Q End Of Summer Jam and it’s going be a problem. Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, 42 Dugg and this guy…FUTURE! Ticketmaster.com got your tickets, but don’t wait cause you might be ass’d out! Let’s go “Back To The Future” (see what I did there) and play one […]

I couldn’t wait for this moment! Hip Hop’s favorite clan is back on TV for it’s 2nd season. Wu Tang: An American Saga has to be one of the best series to watch. It a story about the road of the “9 man band“. The ups and downs of coming from Shaolin. Let’s go back […]

This guy was more than an actor to many. A friend, a counselor, a mentor and an angel. Michael K Williams has done some great roles from “Lovecraft Country” to “Boardwalk Empire“. But none more prevalent than his role as “Omar Little” from “The Wire”. Let’s shed some light on this king’s talent. Rest in […]

This Friday, we go inside Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe. The next adventure is Shang Chi. All my “real’ Marvel fans are gonna be excited. I would tell ya’ll the story, but I’ll let you wait til Friday and see for yourself. Click HERE to feel the power of the 10 rings!  

Listen, when my big homie said he gonna do something…HE GETS IT DONE! Not only did my guy David Lloyd Marcus write this movie, but he also directed it! Life Of An Alpha Male has an all-star cast from; you guessed it, THE DMV! I gotta shout out my girl Kimia’ Workman as well Asim […]

When using the term “GOAT” this man is thee undisputed! We possibly will never see another entertainer at the level of Michael. He began his life as a star and ended it as an legend. Happy birthday Mike! You are still missed.. Click HERE if you wanna be starting sumthin’