Via: CBS Seventeen Baltimore City police officers and two brothers who own a car repair shop have been charged with conspiring to commit extortion in connection with a scheme in which the repair shop owners paid police officers to arrange for their company, rather than a city-authorized company, to tow vehicles from accident scenes and […]

via: Law enforcement sources in Henry County tell TMZ, cops are investigating possible prostitution. Waka’s mom tells us, cops are also looking for evidence of gangs and drugs, though we have not been able to confirm this with law enforcement. Our law enforcement sources say cops found marijuana and weapons. According to neighbors, there […]

Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld also says he wants a full investigation into why Baltimore's numbers are so different from the rest of the country.


Suit alleges city officials "knowingly underfunded" plan over past decade

Officers in the county and Baltimore City joined forces on Tuesday to catch drivers along Route 40 who were not wearing seat belts. Tickets were $25 and points were not given. Passengers were also ticketed.

An innocent child lost her life but who is responsible?

Bullying is a huge problem with kids today. A Baltimore child attempts suicide after being bullied by classmates and police are demonstrating no tolerance.

(From Supermodel Naomi Campbell may be in trouble with the law in New York City again. CBS 2 has learned that the British catwalker is wanted for questioning by the NYPD after allegedly slapping and punching her driver on Manhattan’s east side on Tuesday.