Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner Danny Murphy and his wife were robbed at gunpoint. According to Fox 45, it happened around 9 p.m. on Friday night near Patterson Park in southeast Baltimore. Police say a white SUV with four people inside pulled up to them as they were walking. Two black males, believed to be 18, […]

Baltimore Police are investigating who hung a noose at Patterson Park in Southeast Baltimore. According to WBAL-TV 11, police were called Sunday morning for a noose hanging from a tree in Patterson Park, near the Pagoda in the 2300 block of East Baltimore Street. No new details have been released.     “QCREW” to 24042 […]

Via: Various leaders in Baltimore City agree that it is critical to improve their communities safety. Tuesday city officials stated they will add more crime cameras and an extra 50 patrol officers in the coming months. The added patrol officers will consist of recent academy grads, officers who normally police outside the Inner Harbor and […]

Baltimore’s Mayor plans to close seven of the 13 small pools arcoss the city. The city’s six large pools in public parks like Druid Hill and Patterson Park, would remain open. The City Council President and other council members oppose and plan to fight to keep the pools open. #breakfastbite.. The Mayor plans to close […]