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Baltimore’s Mayor plans to close seven of the 13 small pools arcoss the city. The city’s six large pools in public parks like Druid Hill and Patterson Park, would remain open.

The City Council President and other council members oppose and plan to fight to keep the pools open.

#breakfastbite.. The Mayor plans to close seven small pools across the city to trim cost. Your thoughts?

“@Tatum_West: @DreJohnson1 If more pools close, more children will be in the streets. More violence. Children need something to do!!!

“@bfac1stlady:@DreJohnson1 they wonder y the crime rate so high smh. I miss sheila she was all about the community and the kids” she was!

“@djwylout: @DreJohnson1 close the pools, you gonna have more ppl pool hopping at night, more fire hydrants open, n more murders!!”

“@Semaj_bka_James: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore they should cut back on their lifestyle which we pay for!”

“@STARVIRGO_1914: @DreJohnson1 So no rec centers, now close 7 pools = crime rate increase”

Melissa Doingbigthings Johnson They don’t care its not there kids ad they don’t live there so that the one of the reason I left bmore periods.

“@dopeboifresh28: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore man it’s terrible if tha pools close that means more murders cuz it’s hot think about it”

Dwayne Torain Exactly… Wish the mayor would put her big girl thinking cap on. Smh. I dont understand why anything positive in the city for the youth always closes.

“@naim2886: @DreJohnson1 its ashame she will close recreation but let a racing company rob the city of millions which 1 hurts.

Timika Chance if they stop stealing we can keep stuff open!!!!!

Nikasha Vinson Isn’t that all of them? Dam! If she does that what’s left.

Kevin Boardley if some city pool close where are kids going to go swimming@ for the summer.

Etosha Price She doesn`t give a dam about our kids not to mention 300 kids in line from 3til 7 for summer jobs and only 10 workers . She doesn`t care!

Maileka Flippen Use some of the camera ticket money and let the babies swim…

Tavon Blackwell Sad, sad, sad, they keep taking from our kids to keep water in their personal pools, then wonder why kids are running wild downtown.

Mark Hanson Th mayor sucks! Nevr thght she shld b mayor in th 1st place… Next mayor, plz!

Mark Hanson No rec centers, no aftr school programs, no summer jobs, no pools, no justice, no peace 4 our city kids. Just throw them all in jail… Is tht ‘really’ th answer?

Etosha Price We gotta call and let her know we aren`t haveing it. Sad to say but out of all those parents who were complaining about the summer job wait nobody called I did they had no idea what was going on and I will call again !! I DO CARE!

Staci CiCi Lockett Dawkins Kids r going to be hot, irritated, angry souls when they can’t cool off in the pool this summer, & they wonder y kids stay in trouble. All the change should not be directed towards our youth. They should cut their salary.