We closed out Labor Day in The Love Zone with — What Does Your Lover Need to Work Harder On?  Check out some of the Facebook responses.  Make sure you join me in the Love Zone Sun. – Thurs. at 10pm.  To join the virtual discussion visit www.ladawnblack.com. What Does Your Lover Need to Work Harder […]

On Sunday night's show I shared a few love tips from my best-selling first book Stripped Bare: The 12 Truths that Will Land You the Very Best Black Man (One World Ballantine). The tips work for both men and women looking to have a positive relationship with only worthy lovers.

Rihanna and her new man, Matt Kemp, are fighting rumors that he has had all sorts of drama with an ex-girlfriend. That drama includes a restraining order and allegations of possible abuse. We don't know if this is true --- but did Rihanna have the right to know this in the beginning? Do you have the right to know a lover's "restraining" history?

*** Rumor *** The National Enquirer released photos today of Jamie Foxx in a puppy fronted G-string from his In Living Color days dancing for a male audience. The Love Zone tonight is all about would you forgive a possible homosexual past? Source: The National Enquirer / mediatakeout.com