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*** Rumor *** Jamie Foxx in a puppy fronted G-string from his In Living Color days dancing for a male audience. The Love Zone tonight is all about would you forgive a possible homosexual past?

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Would you stay with your lover if they had a homosexual encounter in the past?


Bags – Oh yeah, so I can say my girl gotta girlfriend! Lol I guess Jamie gonna blame it goose now huh!!


LaShealle – No that would not be something I would do …. if he was with a man I want no parts of him….


Keyone – what is in your past is in your past…im not gonna hold something against you that you did in college or while you were finding yourself…if its tru love, then all that wont matter…


Jada – If he did it back in his in living color days….he needed money back then…straight girls dance for gay girls all the time and no one says anything…as long he dont do no ish like that now..he good….but let his pass be in his pass….


Gelicia – umm u should kno if ur lover hav had a gay encounter in the past.knowin tht i wldnt get wit them in the frst place…..tht’d b a no


Tonio – It’s different for a man to deal with a women gay past. Rather then a women deal with a mans gay past.


Jackie – me personally being 100% straight could not be with a man who said that he was with another man in his pass..naw i cant accept that but he was dancing at a gay club im sorry in my opinion hes gay….


Shameka – Hell 2 da no…… bad enuff u gotta worry about ur man cheatin w/ anotha female but havin 2 compete w/ anotha dude is waaaaaaaaaay 2 much……I’ll pass


Basil – no. I wouldnt leave her…hell at that point i would ask her.” can we have a 3some with another girl.since you got experience and all….” and our sex life would be that much more open…but it stops there…hell to the no if she thinks she can ask for another guy to join us..thats gay. Females only…and females that look act dress and carry themself like females…no butch or dom