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Rihanna and her new man, Matt Kemp, are fighting rumors that he has had all sorts of drama with an ex-girlfriend.  That drama includes a restraining order and allegations of possible abuse. We don’t know if this is true — but did Rihanna have the right to know this in the beginning? Do you have the right to know a lover’s “restraining” history?

Here is what Love Zone listeners had to say last night via Facebook and Twitter.  To join the virtual Love Zone convo log onto for info.


Do you have the right to know about your lover’s history with restraining orders and crazy exes?


Andre – if ur married or heading in that direction, then yeah. ur supposed to becoming one at that point, and u don’t need to be with them if they can’t accept u for ur flaws. but if ur just talking, it may be wise to keep certain things under wraps.


Dawn – YES!!!!! now days u have to background checks on people just to make sure they aren’t mental!


Tonya – I did a background check on someone. Unfortunately it didn’t include his “mental”. lol


Cheree – Definitely!!!!…I need 2 know wht I’m getting myself into and who I’m involving myself with…maybe after finding out….I may walk right out of that situation!


Sonya – yes its best to b open n honest from the start especially considering her situation knowing a similar technicality existed. being honest an open leads to a strong line of communication


Carissa – Yes u should…personally u shouldn’t have to be “CSI” to find out someone’s past, they should allow the other party to decide if they want a relationship with u especially with a past like his. I am just so done with Rihanna..what was her purpose of doing that interview, then turn around and find someone with a checkered past..she needs to seek some professional counseling.


Natalie – Yes, if you intend for the relationship to go farther. I think the saying goes “friends before lovers”. Getting to know each other is key. this is the part of dating that so many try to skip and come back to. As for Rihanna, she has serious self-esteem issues this is why she attracts the men that she does. Young ladies who subject themselves to any forms of abuse/violence usually have experienced first hand or been exposed to similar circumstances.


Lanae – Yes u deserve to know bout ur lovers past with their ex but that doesn’t mean that applies to ur relationship with this person because everyone is not the same & everyone’s reactions to certain things are different


Stephanie – Yes honesty is the best policy because if your man is holding back this “secret” then he himself sees it as a problem. innocents would b easier to believe once their is a full and honest confession and then it’s out of his hands but that was the bed he made so now consequently he must lay in it


Tiffany – Yes! a person past is how that person became who he or she is today…yes a person can change but you need to know the situation in order to decide that for yourself…especially with her current issues she don’t need to go through anymore drama…Lets make 2010 Drama free for all of us! :-)