P. Diddy wasn't even home at the time of the incident, but you have to wonder if this at least peaked his interest to listen to Small's demo just to see why the man thought he had a chance in hell to get a deal with Diddy.

Today for Black History Month 2019, we are highlighting the mogul Sean Combs. Birth Date: November 4, 1969 Hometown: New York City, New York Fun Facts:  Sean goes by many names such as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and simply Diddy Sean is an entrepreneur, producer, and artist that started Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 Sean is also known […]

  Everybody knows that the West Coast & East Coast beef started with Biggie and Tupac over things that the media blew up. Both Pac & Biggie said that they were good friends but let outside people influence their actions against each other. Source: Diddy Got Love For 2Pac Follow Me On Instagram NOW @Konan92Q […]

Follow Us on Twitter: Take that. Take that. Imagine walking onto a film set to support your friend, then walking away with a featured role! Multitalented entertainer, Stefon Washington, knows all about life’s rare and random chances. He is no stranger to taking them either. Beginning his career in entertainment, the young actor / singer spent some time […]

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.

Since P. Diddy announced his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour earlier this year, many former artists of the legendary label spoke out about how unhappy they were they didn’t make the cut. But not Craig Mack. ‘Where Is Craig Mack?’ has been a running joke of the music industry for years. Known as the guy who helped build […]

Who you know in the industry with more monikers that this guy here? Yup, nobody. He changed his name more times than….well…..a lot LOL. so take the poll and answer the question…. What’s your favorite nickname for the boy?

Man I can’t wait!!! I’m definitely going to the Bad Boy Reunion September 3rd. I’m not gonna front, I wish the T.V. show crews (Day 26, Danity Kane, Da Band) were on the show as well. Since you can’t possibly wait til September to see Diddy go in, check out what he and Lil Kim […]

New York City was buzzing this weekend in celebration of The Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday.