This video just made me so mad. I was going to watch it again but dont feel like being mad on a monday. Click below and let me know what you think about a female refusing to let the daddy of their new born child take responsibility because they arent together. source 

You love the song! You can’t wait to go cop a Porsche just so you can jump out of it…. But until then watch the video.

Rihanna has been showing up extremely late to all of her concerts in the States and overseas, pissing fans off across the board! ¬†But RiRi had a special treat to make it up… well, to one lucky fan at least :-) Check out the video below to witness one of the best on-stage lap dances […]

A very upset Aretha Franklin wrote an email to CNN after NBC’s ‘Today Show’ anchors Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb said Aretha Franklin would be too ‘old’ to be a judge on American Idol and that most contestants would not even know her music. How disrespectful! Aretha is a LEGEND and still very relevant. […]

Tila was spotted being skankish again.