This NSFW video shared by MTO, has made it’s way around the web, daggone near breaking the internet.  Newcomer to Love and Hip Hop NY, stripper/personality that everybody is loving Cardi B, was making it do what it do, and look at what happened to somebody nose.  Babyyyyyyyyy.  You must be 18 year or older […]

  Babyyyyyyy I don’t know what it is that has people sooooo infatuated with the closet and who comes out of it.  But MTO is reporting that allegedly the 15 year olf daughter of Will and Jada Smith, Willow came sliding out the closet via her social media.  Read HERE and see how they said she […]

  Did you see what Kylie done posted on her snapchat?  We don’t know if it’s true or nah.  Her boyfriend is Tyga and has a son already with socialite Blac Chyna.  Kylie just freshly turned 18.  Is she eem ready to be somebody mother.  READ THIS...gonna leave this right here.  She cussed in the […]

  Either he has the golden magic stick, or he has a contract with these women and they all have expiration dates and they are cool with the amenities that come along with it.  Word is, the smoke ain’t eem clear from the breakup between MMG Boss Rick Ross and socialite Lira Galore, and already […]

  CHILD….say it ain’t so….Some sisters can’t eem find a good brother.  But word on the SKRIZEETS is that The Guy Formerly Known as Bruce, now Caitlyn Jenner, has snagged she a new HE.  And HE is an African American.  Is CJ following in her Kardashian Kids footsteps??  LOOK HERE to see what Mediatakout is […]

  This story has MESSY all over it.  Click here to what  is reporting about Jaden Smith.  Is a new name change next?  Or is this the media exaggerating?  Either way, we need Will and Jada to get on the phone and let us know what is going on.  Jaden is BEAT….  

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire! I’m not confirming any of this (I don’t believe it to much because non of the ATL Bloggers are even talking about it), but this is what MediaTakeOut is reporting about the ATL couple. Some hoodrat from Atlanta is going around and trying to peddle DETAILS of […]