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She has her own bus to tour with Ye. Kim hits the road and Kanye can’t stop her. See More: Kim K Follow Me On Instagram & Twitter @Konan92Q   WTF Is Wrong With Kim K’s Cankles I mean Ankles! [PHOTOS] Kim K’s Preggo Ankles! Kanye West Bumps His Head, Baby Mama Kim K Consoles […]

Kim K made a bad fashion choice for her Met Gala outfit and many felt Kanye should have told her to change before they left home. I asked my listeners to tell me about the outfit that their lover needs to stop wearing …… Busted Flip-flops Free Company Tees Work Shoes On Non-Work Hours Pants That […]

So of course all the celebs attended this years Met gala BUT, the tea is Kim Kardashian‘s outfit choice!! People went innnn on her on Instagram. Too funny. Ya’ll betta’ leave Kim ALONE!!! Kim K’s Getting Married Again June 18…A Big Day for Kanye and Kim *** CHECK OUT THE LATE SHOW W/DJ ANGELBABY MON-FRI […]

Ray J is not the only person who has a song for his ex.  Check out these song titles from my listeners: I put the trash out Get off mommas tit Can’t Win F%$#ing Wit A Loser She’s Nothing Like You He wasnt man enough for me U big dummy

This further verifies that Kanye is not gay and really loves his bookie.  He is scheduled to be the musical guest on the season finale of SNL and the rumor is he is wants them to take it easy on Kim K.  Supposedly he has requested that they be nice when writing skits that include […]

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Snooki is giving Kim K some tips on how she should look as a mom that is about to have a baby. Snooki is not feeling the Kim K look she is seeing these days. You need some work if Snooki not feeling you. I will say that I looked at some of Snooki’s pics […]

Kim K defends her choice of clothes while she is going through her pregnancy but I think she is not trying to dress down and look regular, because she wants Kanye to keep his eyes on her ONLY. The Kardashian clan is known for doing their own thing and making headlines because of their moms […]

We caught up with Kim Kardashian and got her to speak on her pregnancy, the Ravens and Ray Lew. Click to hear what Kim had to say. Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p & Sunday 3a-8a on 92.3 fm or . follow us on twitter & instagram: @drejohnson1 

We hear so many intimate details about celebrity couples that sometimes you feel that a few of them need to just take a step back.  My personal celeb couple that I think need a breather is Evelyn and Chad.  All of the interventions for Evelyn and Chad running around getting tatted up is getting exhausting. […]

Someone LITERALLY just dropped a Lotus FLOUR bomb on Kim Kardashian while she was walking the red carpet at an event. No word on what caused the attack. Kim Kardashian is okay. She returned to her room to change, and then walked the red carpet again.

LaLa Vasquez’s BFF Kim Kardashian threw the bride-to-be a bachelorette party over the weekend. The event was held at Tao nightclub with Kelly Rowland also in attendance, but we ask where was Ciara???