Following recent news of R&B sensation Miguel and his model wife Nazanin Mandi separating after 17 years together, we look back at five other power couples in the industry that shocked us all with their split.

Intense social media proves she'll always have the support.

The custody battle between Nas and Kelis seems to be getting crazy. Nas reportedly filed court papers for more time with his 8 year-old son. According to TMZ, Nas describes Kelis as hostile when it comes to sharing custody. The veteran rapper claims that he has tried to “work cooperatively with the singer-entertainment over the years,” […]

It's been about 10 years since Nas and his ex-wife Kelis went their separate ways, but folks seem to try to always put them back together.

After a messy divorce from Nas, Kelis has been private about her second marriage to Mike Mora and the birth of her new son, Shepherd.

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Keli shows up at the Afropunk concert in NYC with a surprise. The surprise? She's pregnant.