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Not only did Nitra complete undergrad, she's now about to graduate from law school. Myles is completing his Master's degree in special education, while their son MJ is preparing to graduate from kindergarten.

Turns out, Obama was actually given the opportunity to speak at the 17-year-old's ceremony, but he turned it down because he'll be too busy crying.

Amid outcry from the state police union, a New Jersey university has decided to cancel a commencement speech from rapper Common over a song he…


“NewsOne Now” host Roland Martin loves to offer his words of wisdom every week on the radio and TV One. Well, last week, he gave…

  We celebrate proms, graduations, Preakness and whatever else people are doing today in the #Instagrammys today.  Why not?  Today it was all about #WhatImDoing and here are some of our favs from today. s/o @shanell7 her babygirl looks amazing heading to prom.. {Correction..I was just informed she was going to a cotillion.  My bad..she […]

Are you having a tough time searching for college scholarships?  Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Here are some quick tips to grab money that is available for you.  Each year, millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed.  Get your share, America! (lol) 1. Colleges look for well-rounded students.  Being a straight ‘A’ […]


Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz were asked to be commencement speakers, for the eighth grade graduating class, at New Era Academy located in Cherry Hill. Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p & Sunday 3a-8a 92.3 fm in Baltimore or listen online follow us: @drejohnson1
@tweetacruz instagram: drejohnson1


Congratulations to all those graduating in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!