Floyd Mayweather is not happy with Justin Bieber after he unfollowed Floyd Mayweather on Instagram recently. Floyd is pissed because when everybody was going after Justin, Floyd was the only person that stood by him and made sure he was ok. I am sure it may be more to the story than that. TMZ reported […]

After the Seattle Seahawks big Superbowl win against the Denver Broncos the first thing I thought was damn  Floyd just lost 10.4 million, but did he really? According to Floyd he never bet a dime and in fact if he did he says he would have went with the Seahawks. Check out Floyd’s response to […]

Floyd Mayweather fought hard and long to win a unanimous decision over a game Miguel Cotto in one of his toughest fights ever. Cotto held on until the last bell rang and Mayweather suffered a bloodied nose before he managed a win and remained unbeaten in 43 fights. Two judges scored the fight 117-111 and the third scored […]