I’m very confused on what my eyes were just subject too. Last night, Rick Ross was in the kitchen cookin’ with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for their ‘Potluck DInner Party’! Things got very weird when Rozay and Martha started flirting. Watch! If you’re having trouble seeing the video, watch it HERE! ALSO TRENDING: Ginuwine […]

Check out my latest blog at Cocoa Mommalicious!    Is having money all a guy needs to land a date? Is technology killing the flirt?  Check out my thoughts and post your own. Click Here for Cocoa Mommalicious — Really Dude You Are A ……

Monogamy … Flirting w/ No Response … and More! Check out these questions from Wednesday’s Love Zone. Do you agree with my advice or would you have suggested something different?  If you have a love question, feel free to send it to me at .   Q. I’m in a relationship, but I dont feel the […]

It’s not too often you find a super sexy guy at the office, neighborhood coffee shop, or bookstore. When you do, and after you find out he’s super single, heterosexual, and drama-free, how do you get his attention? Ladies, the old school gigggle at his stupid jokes is so not cool. Follow these tips and […]

Fellas, would you rather a woman be more aggressive or more shy? Should women be more upfront with what they want w/ men? You say what? Call us at 410-481-9292 or hit us up on social media. On Facebook: “everybody should be up front at all times male and females. and your mate should complete […]