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Fellas, would you rather a woman be more aggressive or more shy? Should women be more upfront with what they want w/ men?

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“everybody should be up front at all times male and females. and your mate should complete you if your the ying there the yang, if your aggressive then they should be laid back and vice versa” -Wise knowledgeofself Taylor

“it depends on the woman, if you’re not already aggressive and can’t be sexy with it, then don’t even try. I like a woman who knows what she wants, however TACT, is extremely important. You can let me know, without throwing yourself at me. I like it when women are up front. Still might not get you what you want, but might get you some cool points, LOL” -Jay Tek

“I rather the man be more of the aggressor..But my personality is Aggresive ..But it is good sometimes for someone else to take charge..(sometimes)” -Kelly Adams

“Man should be aggressive. (not Ike Turner aggressive) Woman should be suggestive. MKAY?!?!” -Levette Iswerkinit Stoutmire-Mariner

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“being shy does NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!! lol Smh” -MaddAboutTaylor

“more forward cuz if u dont u might miss your man so go get em” -CassandraSays86

“A woman should say what she feels & wants that way there is no misunderstanding. let a man be a man & b aggressive when needed” -TrinaBellaRose

“shy! Aggressive just means they go after what they want with EVERYBODY” -EasyStylez