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Monogamy … Flirting w/ No Response … and More! Check out these questions from Wednesday’s Love Zone. Do you agree with my advice or would you have suggested something different?  If you have a love question, feel free to send it to me at advice@ladawnblack.com .


Q. I’m in a relationship, but I dont feel the same way about my boyfriend and this other guy I really like. But I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend by breaking up with him. What should I do?


A. If your heart is no longer in it, you have to let him go. You are not doing him any favors by dragging it out. He knows that things have changed. He just doesn”t know why.


Q. I know woman mature faster than men, but why should I have to wait around for black men to step up to the plate and claim me as their woman and understand my worth to them? Will black men ever submit to monogamy or should we all just consider being “single ladies” forever?


A. It is not an all black men thing. there are many brothers out there looking to be one on one with a sister. You have to be clear about what you want and only deal with guys that are willing to give it.  You are not doomed to be single. It is just that you have to be open to taking a risk on love and know that men often grow into monogamy over the course of a relationship that they think is worth it.  Men rarely go into a relationship thinking you are the one. They eventually get there and are often surprised. Don’t give up!


Q. I know this girl and she says she wants to be with me, but she keeps her distance and I wonder why?


A. She wants you to take the lead and pursue. A lot has changed in relationships over the years but some of the old rules still hold.  She has let you know that she is willing. In her eyes you being the man must close the deal.


Q. How do I let my boyfriend know that I know he’s messing around on me?  He is showing signs and he is always lying to me.


A. First make sure that you have more proof than a feeling before stepping out there and calling him a cheater.  Once you have proof call him on it and be prepared to make a hard relationship decison.