We have seen over and over again how competitive these high school games and events can be. We have seen parents threaten and chase after the students, parents versus other parents or even parents versus the coaches or refs. After a number of occurrences, Anne Arundel County Public Schools systems are cracking down on what […]

Hey…power couples argue too. Beyonce and Jay Z have had a roller coaster of highs and lows this past year from successful multi-million dollar tours to elevator fights. The public craves getting an inside look into one of the world’s most popular marriages! Bey and Hov were spotted having a very heated couples fight during […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Tuesday! There’s a certain mentality that the city of Baltimore has. What do you think it is? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #tuesday larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Problems in our city like crime/drugs can seem overwhelming. Ppl may care but get fustrated then develop negative attitudes. GM anthony ‏@Ajones_24 @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite there no […]

Columbus Short shot and released this video of his estranged wife violently beating down his “friend”. This is surely an effort to prove that she is the violent one in the relationship.  One thing is for sure, she ain’t no punk.  LOL but seriously she doesn’t seem to be a stranger to throwing some punchers, […]

I don’t want to believe it but it’s on video! The new season of Tamar & Vince airs in just a few days and already the ISH has hit the fan! Tamar’s OCD caught up to her when she tries to convince hubby Vince to wash his hands before he eats HIS food. Huh??? Watch: […]

Yesterday, the blogosphere was set ablaze when reports surfaced claiming 2 Chainz had been robbed at gunpoint. As it later turned out, it wasn’t 2…

The brawl between Chris Brown and Drake this past weekend topped search engines all day Monday. Clearly celebrity beef is getting out of hand especially when people are getting physically injured. We witnessed it first-hand this season with Basketball Wives between Tami, Kesha, Kenya, Evelyn and Jennifer. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj need to both SIT […]

Via: Various leaders in Baltimore City agree that it is critical to improve their communities safety. Tuesday city officials stated they will add more crime cameras and an extra 50 patrol officers in the coming months. The added patrol officers will consist of recent academy grads, officers who normally police outside the Inner Harbor and […]

After initial reports that Pilar Sanders was charged with assualt, when she stormed into her Texas home that she shares with Deion Sanders and attacked him, he is now being charged as well. The Associated Press reports that Deion Sanders has been charged with a misdemeanor assualt. According to, Deion charges are for “any […]

Everyone dabbles in a little shade every now and then. Some intentional, others…intentional. Shade and the sneakiness of it always stirs up a good ol’ pot of controversy. Last week during a radio interview, Katy Perry spoke on her upcoming collaboration with Rihanna and how she wanted it to be unlike Beyonce’ and Shakira‘s “Beautiful […]

With the Season 4 of Bravo’s most popular show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, premiering on Sunday night, Phaedra, Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Sheree, Kandi, and Cynthia are in promo overdrive. As trailers for the upcoming season has been released, you can see there’s nothing but DRAMA!!!! Now that Nene no longer associates/bullies Kim Z, it’s […]