There are many causes for Fatigue but one of the most common is lack of sleep. There are some serious reason that you could be fatigued so you should watch out and listen to your body. If you are depressed you could be adding to your feeling of fatigue. Source: Fatigue Follow Me On Instagram […]

How to avoid menstrual fatigue Women often feel tired, worn out and dizzy during menstruation because of the severe drop in estrogen levels in their bodies. Low energy levels can impact your mood, productivity and personal relationships. Knowing what to do and what to avoid is the key to coping with menstrual fatigue. A few […]

Tyler Perry is cancelling some dates of the “encore leg” of his "Madea's Big Happy Family" tour due to fatigue. A source traveling with the show said the large production is being pulled off the road after several performances this weekend in the New York City area.