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How to avoid menstrual fatigue

Women often feel tired, worn out and dizzy during menstruation because of the severe drop in estrogen levels in their bodies. Low energy levels can impact your mood, productivity and personal relationships. Knowing what to do and what to avoid is the key to coping with menstrual fatigue. A few simple lifestyle changes can keep your energy levels steady throughout your period.

Avoid foods that make the condition worse. Foods that are high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, such as fast foods and candy, can make you feel lethargic. Also, avoid food and beverages that are high in caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and soft drinks. Caffeine can cause sleep disturbances, dehydration and interfere with iron absorption, all of which can make you feel more fatigued.

Get your nutrients. Women need plenty of iron, especially during menstruation. Iron is in foods such as red meats, green leafy vegetables, eggs and dried fruit. Foods such as oranges and broccoli, which are rich in vitamin C, help the body absorb iron. Nuts and seeds are rich in magnesium and B vitamins, which help fight fatigue. Also, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which leads to tiredness.

Get moving. Exercise may be the last thing you want to do when you are exhausted, but it actually wards off fatigue. Exercise boosts energy levels, reduces stress and fights other menstrual symptoms, such as cramps. Jogging, biking or even light walking for about 30 minutes a day can help lesson menstruation symptoms.

Speak with your doctor. If your periods are extremely heavy or your symptoms are unbearable, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency, causes severe tiredness. A deficiency in folic acid can also cause extreme fatigue. Tell your doctor if you take any prescription drugs or supplements because they may be interfering with vitamin B and iron absorption, resulting in increased fatigue. Your doctor may prescribe a dietary supplement or suggest dietary changes to help improve your symptoms.

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