The Associated Press is reporting that a law enforcement official has proof that the NFL received the infamous elevator footage of Ray Rice knocking his fiance out on April 9, 2014. The official also stated that they have a 12 second voice mail message from an NFL office number,  confirming that the video arrived.  It’s unclear […]

Things are really not looking for good for Ray Rice.  New video has surfaced via and it shows the punch that knocked his then fiance /current wife, Janay Rice, out.  Fast forward months later and the two have tied the knot, Ray has received his punishment , the football season has started and now […]

Earlier in the week, Ray Rice’s new wife, Janay Rice, went on IG and addressed the haters.  After all the negative press and talk about Ray’s lack of punishment from the NFL, we can only imagine what this infamous couple has had to face.  Here’s what she posted on her instagram account. and here is […]

Beyonce‘s little sister Solange got a big boost in her digital music sales after the Jay Z elevator fight footage surfaced. Nielsen Soundscan shows her sales were at 2,000 the week that the footage was released.  This is more than triple her sales of 600 from the week prior.

    Why did Solange Knowles attack Jay Z? That is what everyone wants to know.  I’m not sure if we’ll ever hear from the involved parties what really happened but from several sources, there are a couple common theories that would make sense.  The one that seems to be most common and kind of makes […]

Which of your lover’s friends/ family do you want to pull a Solange beat down on? Too many to count Mother in Law – won’t kick or punch but a good painful pinch would work My husband’s never satisfied baby momma Ex-husband that never knew when to stop crossing that line The best friend that […]

You tell me! I heard it wasn’t officially from her site. Could even be a rumor! But I think we can all agree…it’s pretty damn funny!   Related stories: Just In: Audio Released Of Jay Z & Solange Fight [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Jay Z & Beyonce After Solange What Happened AFTER The Solange vs Jay Z […]