We know that most people go to the doctor to find out about Diabetes and get treated for it. There are other ways to treat Diabetes naturally but, make sure you check with your doctor. I am a natural person so I find natural foods, drinks or supplements to cure me. Several nuts have a […]

Some people forget that eating healthy is all a part of your health and also your life style. The bad eating habits can lead to poor health an has been the reason for things like high blood pressure, diabetes and other health related issues. The best thing I can say is to drink plenty of […]

Well…… I’m back to work. I’m a little better, but I’m not 100%. Went to Northwest last week cause I wasn’t feeling good. They said my blood and sugar was high (like airplane high)…. They released me (that’s whole ‘nuther story) ……So anyway, it wasn’t resolved. Went to St. Agnes (should have went there first) […]

According to reports, Rob began eating excessively due to the stress of his relationship with Chyna.


The sedentary habit has been linked to several health ailments, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Ivan Hernandez, doctor of physical therapy and fitness enthusiast, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss "Sitting Disease," who is being impacted by it, and how a sedentary lifestyle may be shaving years off your life.


The number of people living with diabetes has quadrupled over the past three decades, according to the World Health Organization's first Global Diabetes report.

Wheeler literally took matters into his own hands by grabbing control of the wheel and brakes. As police approached the car, the child pulled the truck over, ending the scary ordeal. Special Agent Eric Salvador and Trooper Lee Wells came to the duo's assistance.

In light of the passing of the legendary Phife Dog, founding member of A Tribe Called Quest, Headkrack points out one very significant thing we should take away from his untimely passing. Check out the player above to hear explain more in this exclusive video edition of the Hip-Hop Spot. Sign Up For Our Newsletter![sailthru_widgetfields=”email” sailthru_list=”Rickey Smiley Subscribers”] Click on the audio player below […]

Wednesday morning, Hip-Hop lost an icon. Malik Taylor AKA Phife Dawg the founder of A Tribe Called Quest passed away, leaving the music world in shock and awe. While the cause of his death has yet to be revealed, the lyricist had a longtime battle with Type 1 diabetes and even underwent a kidney transplant in 2008. Last […]

Ain't no drama like Kardashian drama, 'cus Kardashian drama don't stop. But this time (surprisingly), it isn't all about the ladies.

Kim's been using her blog to update fans on her health, but the most recent news comes from her family's hit reality tv show.


Reality star and singer Traci Braxton discusses her 64-pound weight loss today on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin. She credits her fit figure to working out three…