Dame Dash even offered his two cents on Jay's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame saying "That means I'm in the Hall of Fame,"

The sale of Roc-A-Fella Records continues to get muddier and muddier by the week. Dame Dash is calling the legal back and forth a bad look for the culture. The Harlem native continues to question the business ethics of his former business associates. Recently the entrepreneur spoke to HipHopDX and expressed his disappointment in Jay-Z. […]

Aside from using meds and avoiding meat to keep himself as healthy as can be, Dame also revealed he also steams on the regular to get toxins out of his body. Now that the Coronavirus has presented a new danger to himself and the people that he loves, Dame feels it's his responsibility to take the vaccine in order to keep himself and those around him safe one way or another.

While it may seem like Dame Dash is dodging participating in Webber's lawsuit, his lawyer says Dash was only MIA because his wife gave birth to their child earlier than expected.

  Dame Dash is really going through a lot this year. 2020 has been tough for Dame because he hasn’t been able to put his business deals back together. He has been suing people and chasing down the money that people owe him. He is now suing his Ex Rachel Roy because she has been […]


The Roc-A-Fella fall out wasn’t Jay’s fault if you look at how things were playing out. Dame was handling business but he was just reckless with how he handled some situation that had to do with business. From the outside looking in. I remember when he made Cam VP of Roc and Jay was not […]

While Damon Dash has moved on from the record business he clearly still feels a way about how Jay-Z went about things. He spilled more tea about their break up in a recent interview. As spotted on HipHopDX the Cake A Holic paid a visit to REAL 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood show. Even though conversation was rooted in […]


In what should be a surprise to no one, JAY-Z and Dame Dash ain’t friends. The latter was asked about Hova’s deal with the NFL, and while he did say he couldn’t really comment because we don’t know the details, he did say that “everyone knows [JAY-Z] ain’t sh*t.” The rise of Roc-a-Fella with founders […]

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Dame Dash will be turning himself in to NYPD, but he swears he is innocent. The Roc-a-fella Records co-founder has warrants due to outstanding child support payments, but he swears he’s paid up. Reports TMZ: The rap mogul tells TMZ … he’ll surrender to authorities in NYC nearly 3 years after a family court judge […]

Dame Dash is happy on this Monday! He was able to buy back the majority of the Rachel Roy clothing line from his ex-wife of the same name. The deal wasn’t even completely done , so they told Dame not to talk about it. But, of course he goes straight on social media to talk […]