Video from the incident where a Baltimore police officer was shot in the hand surfaces.

These cops are really getting out of hand these days. Check out this clown of a cop trying to get a lady into a hotel to sleep with her. I can bet he is fired by now. CLick below and let me know your thoughts. source 

Some of the footage in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution. This cop needs a bonus in my opinion after saving a suicidal man from jumping off a bridge. source 

Some of these cops are savage now days. CLick this footage below and see a quick and easy way to loose your job as a poilice officer. source 

The Weeknd punched a cop in the face in Las Vegas a while back, and he recently pled “no contest” for that court. But how did…

This photo has gone viral.  We don’t know why, or what she did that he had to draw his weapon.  But with the recent death of Sandra Bland and soooooo many others due to over aggressive cops, this is just another low blow to the black community.  Especially for black women.  As details emerge, we […]

Looks like Hot 97’s Mister Cee started celebrating Cinco De Mayo early.  He was arrested early today for trying to get some na-mean from a undercover male cop in Brooklyn.  This is his second time getting busted on this charge.  Looks like he has an itch that only a mister of the night can scratch. […]