Columbia Mall Shooting

New details are now being released about the shooting that occurred months ago at Columbia Mall that resulted in two employees and the gunman losing their lives.   Click here for LIVE COVERAGE. Police promise an extensive briefing on the tragedy, saying they will walk through the moments leading up to the shooting, after the […]

Police are still investigating the deadly shooting that took place at Columbia Mall, but new evidence has emerged that may help answer a few questions. According to Global Grind, ” Investigators say a journal belonging to the 19-year-old has been found, but they would only reveal that it “expressed general unhappiness” in the teen’s life. […]

Howard County police just confirmed the two victims in the Columbia Mall shooting that took place Saturday morning.  The victims were employees at the skate shop, Zumiez and are Brianna Benlolo 21, of College Park, Maryland (pictured above) and Tyler Johnson 25, of Ellicott City. Officials still have not released the name of the deceased […]