Chad OchoCinco recently sat down for an interview. He expressed his love for Evelyn Lozada and how its impossible for a man to be faithful. Check it out below: CHAD OCHOCINCO ARRESTED CHAD OCHOCINCO KISSES EVELYN!!!??? REALLY!!! *** CHECK OUT THE LATE SHOW W/DJ ANGELBABY M-F 2A-6A & ON INSTAGRAM @DJANGELBABY*** ***CHECK OUT THE RAP ATTACK […]

Just a couple of weeks after Wendy Williams stripped down for PETA Ev is stepping up and also say’s NO to fur! Evelyn says, “You can verbalize what happens to these animals a thousand times, but when you see it, it definitely clicks in—and it did for me.” Check out Evelyn Lozada’s campaign for PETA […]

Myself & Ki Ki Brown couldn’t help but to think what will Ex NFL ballers Chad & Terrell do now that both are donski with their football careers! Below is a couple different options, tell us what you think best suits them More Lawsuits Flying For Chad & Ev!!! Would You Buy Terrell Owens Goody Shots?

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Things are really starting to fall apart for Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson yesterday he was cut from the Miami Dolphins and now VH1 has announced that they will pull the plug on the spinoff reality show “Ev and Ocho”. Until this situation gets resolved it looks like Johnson may be “black balled” not only from the NFL […]

  Was I wrong when I heard Evelyn tell Ocho,on last ngiht’s Basketball Wives, (when he proposed the question about  “bringing in a nother woman into the bedroom” option)…(her response was) “Well, I gotta like her!” HUH??? I thought three was a crowd? Ladies, I have to ask this question, if you wanted to keep […]