The Kardashian/Jenner Klan are very well known ladies, some folks love them some folks want to be them and some folks simply hate them… Kylie Jenner has left the shadows of her sisters and become a well known celeb for pretty much transforming her body and dating Tyga.. After Chris Brown’s show of course featuring […]

If you know Rihanna you know she’s a fan of that “Keisha” but does she love that “Becky” too? A video went viral of Rihanna allegedly snorting cocaine while partying with her friends but Rihanna quickly put the talk to rest on Twitter saying, “N—a your lame ass got some f—g nerve!!!” the 27-year-old wrote. […]

Chris Brown has defiantly had a rough couple of years from the incident with Rihanna to throwing bottles at Drake, but could it all be because he’s bipolar? TMZ reports, “Chris Brown has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, severe insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder … and that’s why he has had such anger issues … […]

So im sure Trinidad James is regretting talking trash about New York rappers after rumors are surfacing that he was  robbed at gunpoint. According to sources allegedly the robbery was organized by Maino, who we know Trinidad had some words with. This is what Trinidad James said in a recent interview, “I’m not trying to […]

After Kelly Rowland aired out her “Dirty Laundry” do you think she is ready to keep dishing? After numerous reports she may be great at keeping a secret because who would of known she was “maybe” engaged. According to different blog sites Kelly Rowland may be rocking an engagement ring from her manager/ long time […]

PHOTO COURTESY OF BLACK SPORTS ONLINE According to TMZ, the cops have provided very sad news that NFL player Adrian Peterson’s son has passed away. According to sources the 2 year old boy was admitted into the hospital Thursday after being beaten by his mothers boyfriend. TMZ reports “The boy was on life support since […]

    If your not twerking you missed the cool bus [I guess] and if you’re at Jigga’s concert and he tells you to twerk real fast for him  you probably should do it,  and that exactly what a fan did in London during Jay Z’s Magna Carta World Tour! Obviously Beyonce is worried about […]

The new season of Scandal is officially back and with Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope getting very scandalous on set she must have been taking the heat to her own bedroom too! Its been a couple of months since we found of Kerry got married to her baller boo and since we had questions if […]

The talk of social networks is if T.I & Tony are adding an 7th addition to their family, and maybe the talk is true! After the couple partied it up “lightly” over the weekend we’re all thinking that the rumors may be true that photographer Freddy O kinda started in September with the caption ” My […]

We all know Rihanna likes her Keisha but sometimes drugs are just bad mmmm k! According to sources Rih had a bit to much fun while visiting her hometown Barbados and almost died after overdosing. Get the full details below, “When Rihanna went back home to Barbados recently there are reports from multiple people on […]

    K Michelle is very known for having no cares in the world & pretty much say’s and does what she wants but when it comes to the IRS thats a whole different story! So allegedly K Michelle owes Uncle Sam about $52,000 in back taxes for the years of 2088 and 2009 which […]

Ok so The Game & Nba baller Brandon Jennings where hosting a day party called “Toxic” this past weekend and this got a little messy. According to witnesses The Game was allegedly mad that Brandon was hogging the mic & he thought he was being disrespectful so he approached him with a few words that […]