In the same way rumors have persisted about a physical altercation between singers Monica and Brandy, there was another one between Immature singer Romeo and Brandy herself.

When it comes to the top vocalists in R&B currently, you have to mention Fantasia, Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan.

via MadameNoire No, hell has not frozen over, but it seems a miracle has happened — or better yet, maturity. Singers Brandy and Monica are going on tour together, along with a list of other popular Black female performers, as part of Live Nation Urban’s new “Femme It Forward” concert series. According to Variety, the […]

Brandy allegedly was trying to pull Milli Vanilli for her performance at the Kennedy Center.

The sibling love between Brandy and Ray J is amazing to see and it was on full display at Urban One Honors. Ray J presented his big sister the Cathy Hughes Excellence Award at the inaugural event. Brandy’s career achievements including being one of the best-selling female artists of all time, acting and Broadway stint […]

Monica is sooooo classy. Every time someone tries to come at her, she always takes the high road. We’ve known for years now, there has been a bunch of back and forth betwen Monica and Brandy. Recently, Brandy chose to keep the rivalry going when she took shots at Mo during a recent performance.   […]

Lets keep Brandy in our prayers after she lost consciousness on a Delta flight.Brandy was reportedly on the flight Friday morning from LAX going to JFK and right before the plane pulled off she lost consciousness. Brandy has since been rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. Follow Me!  @PersiaNicole

There has been some rumors that Brandy’s eggo is oh so preggo after she posted a picture with a little baby bump followed up by congratulations from Countess Vaughn… Well Brandy’s daughter hopped on Instagram cleared up a few things and blamed it on just a little chocolate. But wait…. Brandy never said if she […]

A little birdie says Brandy is pregnant...

The R&B songstress sang a jazzy version of "What About Us".

The singer says someone was sent to "sabotage" her show.