Ulta is one of many companies who have received some backlash for not being inclusive with minorities. Well it looks like Ulta is trying to do something’s to be more inclusive, they have now  pledged to double the Black owned brands  by the end of 2021. In addition to adding more black owned brands Ulta […]

We are about to step into another season of the unknown. There is a high possibility that the world will shut down for a few months, leaving us quarantined at home with technology as our main mode of human connection. In other words, get ready to zoom, FaceTime, and Google Duo your life away for […]

Business & Economy

Cyber Monday provides a chance to support Black-owned companies offering online discounts and sales for their goods during the holiday season.

We're highlighting Baltimore's black businesses each and every Tuesday. Here are some places to check out this week.

The search for Black-owned businesses to happily spend our Black dollars has gotten even easier.

Make a Blackity black statement with your swimwear this summer.


Blackout Day 2020 is a day when Black people are encouraged against spending any money to show just how much dollars from Black communities are worth to the nation's economy.

Streetwear is a style that first became popular in the 1990s and has since become increasingly popular through the years. It is said to have developed in California with skate culture, but also includes elements of early hip-hop fashion and culture. Today, streetwear goes beyond those associated with those groups and can be seen on […]


Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for an exclusive interview in which he discussed the 2016 campaign for the White…

Today’s 10 O’clock Topic raised a few eyebrows and flared a few nostrils. It was based off of last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew; a black owned tattoo shop in New York. The comments on social media sparked today’s discussion due to the fact that most blacked owned businesses aren’t supported by “our own” […]