We have been waiting for the next VERZUZ and finally we be getting some of the ones we have been waiting for. One of the most requested battles has been The Bad Boy verzuz So So Def. Well, while backstage preparing to take the stage alongside Fabolous and Busta Rhymes, Diddy dropped dime about the […]

During ‘The A.M. Clique’ this week, I spoke about Mase releasing a diss track aimed at Brother Love aka Diddy. Now, if you’re like me you’re wondering what could Pastor Mason Betha have against Diddy, since it’s been years since he turned the other cheek. Well, similar to other artist that were on Bad Boy […]

No more Diddy, Puff Daddy, Or Puffy! Sean Combs will not be answering anybody that doesn’t call him by his new name LOVE aka BROTHER LOVE. Brother Love has got to be the king of name changing because he has several. Either he gets bored or he just feels that his evolution needs a new […]

It looks like it is about to be the clash of Hip Hop Cash Kings. You know every year Fobes crown the cash kings of Hip Hop and 9/10, Diddy, Jay Z and 50 Cent are at the top. Well, those rich ninjas are about to square off. Diddy has announced that he realease his […]

After selling out venues in less than an hour ‘The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour’ is coming to the tizzube. If you loved Mase, Total, Faith, 112, Diddy and the rest of the Bad Boy crew on stage you get to re live it all over again because Diddy turned the most epic moments of […]

  Diddy is working on something because is creating some noise today. Ever since the 1995 Source Awards when Suge Knight got on stage soliciting artist to Death Row if they didn’t want their executive Producer “all in the videos”, that he was talking about Diddy. Well, in an interview that has been released on […]

For the very first time, Beanie Sigel is speaking out about being suckered punched allegedly by one of the members of ‘Dream Chasers’. In an interview with ‘Love & Hip Hop’s own DJ Self, Beanie Sigel breaks down what happened backstage at The Bad Boy Show in Philly where he was knocked out. He also talks […]

Ciroc isn’t only getting you tipsy, it’s actually the blame for Diddy topping Forbes ‘2016 Cash Kings’ list, again! According to Forbes, it was definitely Diddy’s liquor brand and other endorsement that help take him to the top, not his music. “Jay Z ranks second with earnings of $53.5 million. He didn’t play many shows […]

While The Bad Boy Family Reunion touris starting  it’s looking like one of the original members of the crew will not be making the trek…at least not right now anyway. Stevie J is going to jail. The Baby Boy representa/reality TV star announced on his Instagram account that he’s going to “sit down” for a little […]

Since P. Diddy announced his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour earlier this year, many former artists of the legendary label spoke out about how unhappy they were they didn’t make the cut. But not Craig Mack. ‘Where Is Craig Mack?’ has been a running joke of the music industry for years. Known as the guy who helped build […]

Chinx Drugz's mom blames French Montana for his death.