You have to put some work in to get a flat belly and make sure you eat right. The body will adjust to whatever you want to put it through. The Abs aren’t easy to get popping, so you have to be dedicated to you gym or eating habits because it might take a minute. […]

The Abs gets alot of attention when you are out on the beach or at the pool. The Abs are always a conversation  piece if they are presented right, so trim down to have them pop out. Your eating habits make a huge difference in your success with losing weight. Drinking plenty of water is […]

The best Ab workouts that will have your Abs poppin. You have to make sure your eating habits are on point, because 80% of your diet is more important. Your workout or fitness program is a must and you do need to be consistent with your plan  to get your Abs right. Source: Sign […]

The first thing people see is your face but after that your arms are next in the Summer and if you are on the beach your abs are the focus. You need a workout that puts your arms on blast and your abs on smash. I know that you need to stay on top of […]

The body can be a fat burning machine if you do what you need to do. The body will adjust to what you give it or order it to do. Push your body to it’s limit and you will see the benefit. Chest workouts mixed with back and Abs will change your life and your […]

The best way to bring your Abs out is to watch what you eat and drink but pushing yourself to the limit. I have been helping people get fit and for years now. I know that the Abs are the most talked about part of the human body. You can start now to be ready […]

The body is your temple and you should treat it as such. The best thing you can do in 2017 is take time for yourself so please invest in YOU this year. Your health is the key to living a great life so don’t waste time acting like you will workout. Just do it. You […]

Rumor is that when celebrities do ‘Dancing With The Stars‘, their career is definitely hit rock-bottom. Could that be the case with the R&B Superstar, Usher? According to the site, Usher has been asked to join the next season of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘. “The producers and network are keeping it top secret, but […]

The best thing you can do is tighten up your midsection because your Abs control your body completely.  The Abs help you control your Balance they keep you standing upright and they take stress off your Back. Drinking plenty of water and eating right will help you let those Abs shine through.  Our last FREE […]

If you trying to get ready for the Summer here are some tips for you. Legs & Abs make up for a great beach look. Don’t cut yourself short so don’t try to find short cuts.   See More: Workouts Follow Me On Twitter @Konan92Q Follow Me On Facebook @KonanOnair Follow Me On Instagram @Konan92Q […]

  I’m sure the fellas are gonna like seeing this side of Dej Loaf.  She celebrates 420 by dropping her new track, “Me, U & Hennessy” on Monday and dispenses visual motivation to buy the track a few days early. The normally tom boyish , Detroit rapper & singer, is showing us a lot more skin… Hurt […]