From the artists who undoubtedly launched the genre to the artists who followed up by creating sub-genres like gangsta rap and boom bap, there's tracks for everyone to enjoy.  We compiled them into a list for our Finish The Lyric quiz. Test your knowledge below. 

Although Tupac's life was tragically cut short at the age of 25, he was able to have a prolific career, ripe with songs that demonstrated his range from social activist to party animal. 

Rihanna may be all about building her business empire these days; but once upon a time, she did sing.

We're celebrating Aaliyah on what would have been her 42nd birthday today (January 16).

Celebrate her special day by testing your knowledge of some of her most popular records inside.

We’re celebrating the original Queen Bee on her 46th birthday. Lil Kim is among an elite class of women rappers who laid the blueprint for the ladies we know and love in 2020. How well do you know her music? Press play on the below quiz to test your memory. See Also: As Seen Around The […]

Fairy Tales are all the rage these days. It’s as they’re playing on the fact that millennials love Nostalgia. Over the past couple of years, live action remakes of our favorite DIsney tales have taken over the box office. Stories like Alice In Wonderland and The Jungle Book have been introduced to a whole new […]

Take this quiz to see how well you know black TV moms!

Usher? Trigga? Find out which King you should really be following.