Today #TheAMClique got people going thanks to a viral video of a teacher “shoving” a student for calling him the “N” word. While the teacher was aggressive in how the situation was handled, this drew smoke between The AM Clique and its listeners. Kelson sided with the student. He believes the teacher was wrong on […]

After a week of headlines for using the N-word on his show, Real Time, Bill Maher, went up against Rapper/Director/Actor, Ice Cube. Cube didn’t come along, joining the discussion was Michael Eric Dyson, David Gregory, David Jolly and Symone Sanders. Maher even apologized on-air for the first time, but Cube still found his use of […]

An Orlando Wendy's employee is without a job after writing the offensive racial slur on a receipt, which caught the eye of an African-American state trooper eating at the restaurant Tuesday night.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo received major backlash on Thursday for his comments during a recent radio interview.

Yahoo Finance's social media team tweeted out the following headline around 10:01 p.m. EST: “Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

Unfortunately racism and social media go hand-in-hand, especially when directed at black people. What’s also sad is that even kids express their racism online through their social media accounts. A recent example of this involves a white Indiana teen who decided to refer to a black cheerleader as the N-word, seemingly oblivious to the backlash […]

A Utah school district punishes a White teacher for using the N-word during a history class. The teacher said he meant no harm in using the word to explain its meaning before showing students the film 'Glory.'

Last night's episode of "The People v O.J. Simpson" delved into the inner workings of lead prosecutor Marcia Clark and the tactics O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team" of lawyers used to best her.

The teens claim the act was intended to be a joke for one of the girls' boyfriends, who is Black.

Ja Rule gives his two sense on the controversial topic.

Black-ish is coming back in just a couple of weeks, and we couldn’t be more excited! And the ABC sitcom is already starting with a bang.…

  Houston Texas Rapper Post Malone  has been on the rise with his hit song White Iverson that has the club’s going crazy! But could the lime light be going away from him? A video has surfaced of the white rapper saying the N-word! The Rapper say’s that it wasnt right for him to say  […]