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Stephen A Smith is a renewed sports analyst. Make no mistake about it when it comes to debating sports he is the “standard” to most if not all commentators and analyst. Most recently SAS was on the Sherri show promoting his book “Straight Shooter.” During her questioning she also asked him was he excited to see Rihanna returning to performing especially at the Super Bowl? He replied, “Listen she’s spectacular and congratulations on motherhood. But, there’s one thing she isn’t, she ain’t Beyoncé.” The live audience didn’t take too well with that.

Some folks in the comments even said, “Should’ve known you can’t bring that First Take energy, where they compare athletes, to daytime tv.” Others said, “He’s right but they’re two different planets. We not watching Rihanna for Beyonce vibes.”

Do you think the world is too sensitive or was SAS wrong for his comments? Leave your thoughts below.