Stephen A Smith is a renewed sports analyst. Make no mistake about it when it comes to debating sports he is the “standard” to most if not all commentators and analyst. Most recently SAS was on the Sherri show promoting his book “Straight Shooter.” During her questioning she also asked him was he excited to […]

Master P has officially claimed “most influential parent of the year.” Recently, his son Hercy Miller, Point-Guard and rising star point guard announced that he would be attending Tennessee State University in the Fall on a Full-Athletic Scholarship. Hercy was sough after by the like of major Division 1 programs like LSU, Vanderbuilt, Missouri and […]

The NBA All-Star festivities are explosive this weekend! Here's the action.

Most recently since Colin Kaepernick has reentered the conversation of potentially returning to the NFL to play again, there has been a lot of turmoil surrounding the conversation as a whole. Stephen A Smith an iconic Sports Commentator for the hit show “First Take” on ESPN; has been very strong minded in giving his opinion […]

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t hold back his passion and delivery for anyone, especially when it comes to the likes of popular sports figures. The ESPN host called out Colin Kaepernick after the free-agent quarterback made a last-minute switch of his NFL workout, saying that Kap would rather be a “martyr” than a player. In a […]

The hardest working man at ESPN just got rewarded mightily. The New York Post is reporting that Stephen A. Smith is now the highest-paid sportscaster at the Disney owned sports network. According to The Post, Smith’s tireless work at ESPN is paying off big time. The network is reportedly tossing damn near $8 million of […]

HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) are the cornerstone of african american culture. Because at one point blacks were not allowed to attend PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions) HBCUs were the only higher educational institutions that were allotted for blacks to attend. However, as time has passed the cultue and heritage of HBCUs have transcendent far […]

Stephen A. Smith, perhaps the most beloved and recognizable member of the ESPN family, has shown his appreciation for a certain love interest of a former Cleveland Heights High School graduate. Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and is a graduate of Cleveland Heights High, is in a long term […]

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Another day, another black celebrity that has jumped on “all lives matter” train, this time it’s NFL player Cam Newton who has caused a social media uproar after an interview he did with ESPN was released. In the interview, Newton didn’t explicitly say that “all lives matter,” but he went a step further and proclaimed […]

The basketball wife and chef was not here for being told to be quiet and stay in her lane.


ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith for his comments on the domestic violence. “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg and “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski expressed similar views on their…