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Fantasia has set the record straight on that boyfriend of hers. You know, the married one – Antwuan Cook.

Well, she tried, but she wasn’t very convincing. The two were spotted vacationing in Barbados last week, and during an interview with Power 105’s Malikha Mallett, the radio host asked Fantasia if she was currently dating. To which she responded:

“I am 25 years old, babe. I have friends. Very nice looking friends. I feel that it’s time for me to do what everybody’s so used to me talking about… “Freeing Myself” and “Not Gonna Beg You No More” and just in bad relationships. You know I have friends, I’m 25 and I’m right now I’m more focused on what I fought so hard for…

And when she asks about the photos directly, Fantasia had this to say:

“You can’t believe everything you hear. If it’s up to everything you’ve heard, I’d would have had five kids, married three times, illiterate, house in foreclosure. You can’t believe everything you hear so that’s why I say watch the show and you get to hear it from the horses mouth. Well, if you see it, you have to believe it. But, I dunno, it’s always been with Fantasia, it’s never been that easy. It’s always hard. I’ve never gotten a break, I’ve always had to prove or fight for something and it’s getting kind of old to me, so you can’t always believe the first thing you hear…”

And when Malikha asked her straight up whether she was dating Antwuan Cook, she answered:

“He’s a good friend.”

We’re not buying it.

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