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Bill Cosby Released From Prison

Source: Michael Abbott / Getty

Bill Cosby is now a free man and many are wondering how the beleaguered comedian and entertainer managed to do so given the heinous nature of the crimes he was accused of. Based on the decision made by the district attorney working on the case back in 2005, it was decided that the officer would not seek a conviction due to the fact that Cosby’s accuser came forward with the case a year after the alleged assault occurred while remaining in contact with him.


The Associated Press explained the finer details of the overturning of the conviction in a new report, taking note of the fact that former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor stated that Temple University sports administrator Andrea Constand’s case would be difficult to try considering she waited a year after the alleged act took place. However, the publication notes that Castor did urge Constand to file a civil suit in which, under oath, Cosby would have to admit to his past misdeeds. Cosby settled with Constand for $3.4 million but he still saw himself sitting in prison for nearly three years for the alleged sexual assault.

Local news outlet WPVI spoke briefly with Castor, who confirmed his statements from 2005 regarding Constand originally bringing the case to light.

“In 2005, I had come to the conclusion that there was not enough evidence to arrest and convict him,” Castor said to Action News. “The choices became do nothing or do something. I chose to do something,” said Castor.

Castor added that his decision not to prosecute the case was an attempt to have Cosby deposed, thus opening the door for Constand’s civil suit and taking away Cosby’s choice of going with a 5th Amendment plea.

“If the civil lawyers played the pieces right, they would get Cosby deposed. He would say things that were incriminating and they would then use that to leverage a settlement worth millions of dollars. Well that’s exactly what happened,” Castor explained.

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