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Black women, 2021 is the year you shine! To help you find your way this year we’ve found 5 podcasts that every black women should listen to in 2021. They range from self care, to healthy diets, to mental health. Check them out below and share them with your friends.


Dr. Jurine Owen “This can not be happening to me”

The “Women at the Helm” series continues with this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” featuring Dr. Jurine Owen. Dr. Owen is a physical therapist and the owner of Hands-On Physical Therapy, Inc. She has dedicated her career to the care and advocacy of children in disadvantaged communities in Fulton and DeKalb counties in Georgia.

Self Care for Professional women

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan continues the “Women at the Helm” series. She sits down with fellow podcaster Marcie Dickson, Chief Marketing Officer at Miles Mediation and Arbitration. They explore the power of the podcast and the disparities facing women in the podcasting industry.

Should I get a COVID Vaccine

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Mohan discusses the COVID-19 vaccine. She leads you through her personal journey to her decision to ultimately take the vaccine. As she shares her rationale for the vaccine, she raises important questions to ask yourself and tips to consider when deciding if the vaccine is right for you. As with all things health-related, this decision is personal.

How to eat in a mindful way

Dr. Carmen Mohan begins to describe a course we all should have been offerred back in school called Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance. To begin, she describes how to eat in a healthy way. This means eating mindfully.

How to put yourself first

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses the importance of self-care. 1. When you don’t put yourself first, you endanger the people you took an oath to help 2. Imagine the predicament you put your colleagues in when they have to run the trauma service down a man — or woman in this instance. And the Bottom Line: Self care is a professional responsibility.

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