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Chef G.G.M. born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland made his debut, April of 2020. I met him at my virtual event that I had during the quarantine, “How to break into the industry with Raven Paris + Friends“. I had Freeway, Dj Quicksilva and Lady London speak with the artists directly through zoom, to give them advice. Chef G.G.M had just quit his job as a sous chef, and dropped his first ever EP entitled, “Who Would’ve Thought”.  Fast forward to 2021, Chef G.G.M continues to release songs and visuals including “I Pray”, “Dance Wit Me”, and my personal favorite “Brunch On Sunday’s”. His single “Brunch On Sunday’s” puts me into a true endless mimosas, good food and great atmosphere brunch vibe. After hearing this song being played by a lot of our local DJ’s on their IGLive brunch mixes it was only right for me to get a one on one interview.


Raven Paris: How long have you been doing music and how has the process been for you trying to break into the industry?

Chef G.G.M: Honestly I have only been in the music biz coming up on a year now, i’m still getting my feet wet. I’m nowhere where I wanna be but I can deff see that there is traction. I’ve had a few big artists like Fat Joe and  The Game reach out to me which was dope but I’m still working on my craft and pushing for better. It’s deff not a easy process but I stay consistent. Like Hustle said, “It’s a marathon not a race” you gotta pace ya self.

Raven Paris: How did you come up with your name, Chef GGM? What does it mean? 

Chef G.G.M:  So “Chef G.G.M.” As some of you may know others may not my original occupation before I became an artist I was a Sous Chef at Orioles Stadium as well as the convention center. In the kitchen or food service all you hear is “Yes Chef”, “Behind Chef”, “Heard Chef” naturally that’s what everyone in my kitchen and outside of the kitchen call me so it honestly just kinda just flowed. “G.G.M.” stands for “God Got Me”. Going thru life and dealing with all the curves and twist it throws at you, I’ve always had a relationship with God though I don’t believe in certain church practices and things that partake in the church I do believe there is a God and the abbreviation G.G.M. reminds me of it all well as keeps me grounded. Chef… Chef G.G.M….. Whatever you wanna call me is cool.

Raven Paris: So what inspired your single Brunch On Saturdays?

Chef G.G.M:  So, “Brunch On Sunday’s” was made on a Saturday night. I was chillin wit my friend as she began telling me about her week and her stresses and what not. She eventually laid down to go to sleep. I stayed up and continued looking for beats. I came across a beat by my guy @yourfriendrado ,we had previously worked together on a few songs. As soon as I heard the beat the hook just came over me, “Have you ever been, been to brunch on Sunday’s , have you ever been”. I got the inspiration for the verses from our conversation that we just had. The song really just came to me and I was finished writing by 3 am. That’s how “Brunch On Sunday’s” came about. 

Raven Paris: Top 5 items that need to be on your brunch plate? 

Chef G.G.M: 5 items hmmm… Steak and eggs off top. Lil 6 ounce medium well eggs scrambled add the cheese and pepper at the end clutch. Belgium waffle with the fresh cut strawberries and powdered sugar gotta be fresh cut. Rustic potato’s slightly crushed and crisp. Fresh fruit but just grapes and pineapples.

Raven Paris: Who would be on your top 5 best rappers of all time list?

Chef G.G.M: Oooh Top 5 Rappers Ard Bet… Biggie, Wayne, 3000, Kanye and Drake

Raven Paris: If you could collaborate with any artists, locally and nationally.. who would they be?

Chef G.G.M: Locally I’d work with King Midas I think he’s very creative, his thought process and how he puts things together is crazy to watch, and it’s genuinely makes great music. National artist I’d have to say Drake anything he touches goes crazy or to even go a diff feel like R&B mix wit rap Jasmine Sullivan or Teanna Taylor they both very very dope talented artist in the one right and I feel like the collaboration would be crazy.

 Raven Paris: How did you get to partner up with the Game for Rules of The Game Vol. 4? 

Chef GGM: He basically just shot me a dm n was like I see what u doing ask me was I trying work. He added me to his mixtape and did a lil drop for me which was pretty dope. He definitely put me game to a few other lil things as well! 

Raven Paris: I see you’re also good with graphics. How important is it for you to have multiple skills and how’d you learn them? What else are you good at outside of music?

Chef GGM: Yes thank you. My grandmother always told me it’s best to be handy in many things. In high school I was in a computer science class and was able to get my CISCO degree. Hated that class and never paid attention computers weren’t my thing but I learned a few things. I also do a lot of YouTube searching that and google will tell you everything you need to know. Just gotta take the time to read and learn honestly. I also cook use to be a Sous Chef but had to let it go, I do some graphic designs, and I also write for other artist and help build songs. 

Raven Paris: Tell everyone how they can support you & where they can follow you?

Chef GGM: If you wanna support me go stream all my music or buy my music whenever you see it. Add “Brunch On Sunday’s” and “Dance Wit Me” to your playlist. Tell a friend about my music or share the article. Support the G.G.M. Brand. Subscribe to my YouTube channel please and follow me on all social media platforms. 

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