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We’re just about one week away from early voting here in the state of Maryland and early polls give Biden a double-digit lead over Trump. Over the weekend, election strategist Stephanie Kelly stopped by Yahoo Finance to encourage caution when looking at polling.

“We shouldn’t assume the polls are right,” Kelly said. “But with a 10 [plus] percentage point lead, I feel pretty comfortable that we’re moving towards a clean Democratic sweep.” She goes on to compare early polling numbers of this election with the 2016 election where the Clinton campaign went into the election with a polling lead. “The impact of social media [In 2016], we know was quite crucial. The Republican party was kind of successful in terms of carving out a social media strategy,” she shares.

That “strategy” also was a little sketchy but anyways.

Only One Poll Matters: The Final Poll

The moral of the story is to essentially ignore the polls. At least, that’s how I’ve been carrying it.

You may see your candidate ahead and slowly begin to feel like your vote won’t matter. Or, you may see your candidate way behind and feel that your vote won’t make a difference in that fight either. Both scenarios are not true. The best way to handle the election is to participate despite whatever the polls say.

The only polling that truly matters is the one that happens on November 3rd; the one that includes our actual votes.