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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

The 17-year old Memphis rapper, N.L.E Choppa, credits meditation for bringing him to where he is today.

“Walk ‘Em Down” is one of my favorite records right now. It’s a hype song for me. Makes me feel like Ray Lewis before a big game at M&T Bank. Once I developed an affinity for the record and got word of his XXL Freshmen list appearance, I began tapping into what N.L.E Choppa was pushin’.

My favorite thing I’ve discovered so far is how he credits meditation for changing his life and bringing him to this successful juncture of his career.

He details the journey in an interview with Hip Hop DX’s Thought Box:

“Through the process of music, stress, all this stuff going on, a lot of sh-t going on, I kind of lost it,” NLE says. “That’s why I said making my album was a real testimony. Cause I lost myself in the process of making it. But then at the end I found myself just by, I was trying to find peace, a way to find peace to where I could just get some alone time and just really focus on my thoughts. So I wouldn’t be driving myself crazy.”

He added, “I started meditating. I found myself again right when all my blessings about to come in, it set my back right on what’s important. Cause at first I was just drained. I was drained, but I feel how drained I was, it kind of benefited in the music I was making.”

“It’s all about getting in the right space, being comfortable. You don’t have to sit in certain ways. You ain’t got to do all that. It’s just you being comfortable. Focus on your breathing. Control your thoughts. And if you having wonders, anxieties, anything in your head to where you can’t focus on your breathing … ’cause you worrying about sh-t? You gotta make a box in your head. A mental thought box for real.”

Searching for peace? Choppa’s blueprint is a good wave to ride.

I can speak for the benefits of meditation. I spent majority of 2017 unemployed and in a limbo of self-discovery; with a voice for the people but nowhere to speak. During that time, I would spend my mornings in the silence of my parent’s sun-room, hearing my demons and hugging my angels.

Well, that’s my little poetic way of saying I was meditating. 

Anyways, give it a shot. No matter what side of the city you wake up on, there’s a lot going on everywhere. While I do believe that there is still some sun in 2020, it’s no secret that this year has been draining for us. Mediation could be a great way for you to unplug.

Peace is powerful and can introduce you to the best side of yourself. Appreciate N.L.E Choppa’ for sharing his story.