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UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask

Source: UNIQLO / UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask

Most of us are all wearing face coverings when we head out to protect ourselves and others from the Coronavirus but some of ours mask could be very ineffective. A new study released rated the best & worst face coverings, the best being N95 mask without the valves or vent and the worst being bandannas.

Fox News reports,

Researchers at Duke University compared 14 commonly available masks and face coverings to see which was most effective at stopping the spread of respiratory droplets. The best face coverings for preventing droplet spread were N95 masks without valves, they found, while fleece coverings and bandannas were shown to be “counterproductive.”

Cotton masks offer more protection, and surgical masks are even better at blocking droplets, researchers found.

Finally, fitted, non-valved N95 masks performed “far superior” to valved N95 masks because the exhalation valve opens for strong outward airflow, therefore putting those nearby at greater risk of exposure, researchers said.

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