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If you’re living on the East Side like me then your trash may have been sitting in front of your house for almost a week. My guys usually pick up first thing Wednesday mornings, but as I opened my blinds this past Wednesday, the sun beginning to creep into my living room;

I noticed my trash still sitting on the street. Interesting. 

I went through my day and left the house for a meeting over on the West Side. Then, I came here to come and serve the city on the radio. I expected that when I got home, the trash would have definitely been taken care of by then. I mean, it has been like 12 hours at this point. But here we are on Sunday (June 14th) and as I left the house to come to the station for today’s show, my trash still sits on the street next to my neighbor’s.

Come to find out, there was a coronavirus outbreak at our sanitation plant. As a result, workers have elected to not come into work for fear that they may contract the virus as well. I can’t blame them and as frustrating as it may be, I’d rather the city take time to figure out how to rectify this rather than spread it unknowingly.

Per CBS Baltimore, the Department of Public Works said Friday that their workers are electing to not come into work. Work was suspended once the outbreak hit and the city brought in workers from other divisions to help with the trash. However, those other workers aren’t reporting.

As I mentioned, there is cause for concern. Out of my group of friends (shout out to “Phileo” and ‘Da Bruhz’), I’m the one who elects to follow CDC guidelines amidst the virus. Putting myself in this sanitation workers’ shoes is what eased my frustrations because honestly, I’m not sure that I would show up to work either. 

Although it may seem like things are under control, the virus is still among us. We must remain vigilant against it to not just protect ourselves but also our families. The line between these workers choosing to stay healthy or just simply wanting some time off is thin. But, it’s unfair for us to judge that. I also commend the city for doing what they could do in this situation.

It’s a quite the web but we can only hope that both sides find a way to get this trash off of our streets. Because man, I have like 3 slices of pizza in there from last week and well,


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