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Mature man laughs out loud at story on mobile phone

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#SoIHaveAFriend: That is dating a guy that is very socialble on social media. He has accounts on various platforms however, he likes to post things because he feels like it; not because it’s the common thing to do. However, she is verty active and can’t stay off her phone. Every five minutes or so she’s checking to see what’s new, whether that be followers or gossip.

However, recently she annouced to the world on social media that she’s not single …after dating him for a little over 8 months. I think that was smart to do. Now she wants him to do the same thing and he’s say why and questioning the posting position of her question. So my question to you, “Is social media the new way to confirm your relationship status or is she doing too much?”

Let me know your answers or suggestions below in the comments section below.

Whew …this cup just got full of JUICE!